Soli Deo Gloria Chapel

The Venue was born in 2017. Rick meticulously dismantled an old church building 2 miles east of Soli Deo Gloria which was built in 1908. We brought the wood to our place and carefully cleaned it.

Rick and Dave, our Son, drew up the plans for Soli Deo Gloria Chapel. It took a year for us to build. Surrounded by trees, The Chapel reflects its rustic past and a industrial future. It’s lofted ceiling reaches to the sky. The windows beckon the outdoors to come inside. The sliding glass doors invite all kinds of opportunities.

The Chapel holds 150 people. To accommodate larger crowds, the sliding glass doors open to seat up to 50 other guests. All have a view of the event and outdoor speakers allow everyone to hear. At the back of the Chapel behind the stage area features a large glass window for a stunning backdrop of the woods.

the Chapel -beautiful.jpg